Corporate regulatory
matters and M&A

When starting a company or significantly changing the makeup or size of an existing company (for example upscaling or merging) it is important to consider the corporate shell that will be most suitable for your intended business.

If you establish a company or branch in Denmark, or if you are already running a company in Denmark, certain notification obligations etc. will further apply. How extensive these obligations are is depending primarily on your branch of business as well as the size of your company. I provide legal advice on which obligations are applicable to your company, in order to provide you with a necessary overview.

Tax and data protection (GDPR) have become increasingly relevant for a wide range of branches. When setting up a company, I will consider the need to bring in external resources in relation to GDPR and tax. I do not provide extensive advice on these matters, as I am aiming to help my clients in areas where I can provide the best value for money.


Services provided are (amongst others):

  • Creating companies and branches
  • Creating an overview of your corporate
    and regulatory reporting and filing obligations
  • Ad hoc or ongoing notifications to the Danish Business Registry

Commercial contract negotiation

Negotiation is a complex affair that requires an understanding of both business opportunities as well as commercial and legal risks. When acquiring legal assistance from Korsgaard Law when entering into commercial contracts that are essential or important for your business, you can expect me to help you avoid pitfalls as well as to help spot potential solutions when negotiations get into a seemingly deadlocked situation.


Services provided are (amongst others):

  • Contract drafting
  • Negotiation assistance (in meetings and in written form)
  • Mapping of legal risks and pitfalls

Financial regulation
and anti money laundering

Companies providing financial services in Denmark are subject to extensive regulation. I have vast experience advising on an array of topics within the field of financial regulation, and I am especially specialised on advising of all matters relating to UCITS and AIFs as well as regulation related to investment advice and payment services. I further provide specific advice on AML obligations for financial institutions.


Services provided are (amongst others):

  • Advice on whether a business set-up qualifies as a financial service
  • Obtaining relevant authorisations for financial service providers
  • Advice on cross-border matters for foreign managers, AIFs and UCITS
  • Advice on ongoing obligations (reporting obligations, BoD member qualifications, etc.)